1989 MR2 Supercharged

Exterior Color Black
Interior Color Blue Cloth
Transmission 5 speed manual 
Engine 1.8L Supercharged
Miles ~199,000
Stock Number  
Price $1,800

Optional Equipment Installed: 

Aftermarket Equipment Installed: Polyurethane suspension bushings, Tokico Illumina Strut inserts, Suspension Techniques springs, Cusco crank pulley, Magnecore ignition leads, polyurethane engine mounts, HKS muffler, HKS intake.

This is one from the 'don't judge a book by it's cover' file.  We purchased this vehicle as a parts car, but the more we drove it the more we knew it would be a shame to simply gut it.  Originally Ice Blue Pearl, the car was involved in a front end collision which was repaired poorly and then subjected to a flat-black rattle can paint job.  The vehicle drives fine (save for needing wheel balancing) and is FAST!  

Buy it for its parts or to restore - but we won't be parting this one out.  

What it needs: Body work...a good deal of body work.