Hawkley, Inc Auto Sales


In 1997, David Hawkins started selling Toyota MR2 parts over the internet as a hobby.  This hobby grew over the years to the point that his online store (http://twosrus.com) is one of the largest MR2 parts retailers in the world.  In January 2007, the business incorporated under the Hawkley name and the the logical progression was to branch out into car sales.  A commercial property was purchased and the required changes were made to meet PA Automobile Dealer requirements.

That said, we are not your typical used car dealership.  We have a display lot (because it's a requirement), but you won't ever drive by and see our inventory sitting outside (unless we're having a show or open house).  We understand that an automobile is a large investment for most folks and it's a possession that you will want to maintain as well as possible - so we store our inventory indoors.  All of our cars are kept on battery tenders; you'll never come to see a car and have to wait while we run around looking for a portable jump-start device.  If it needs a jump, it needs a battery - and we'll provide it.

We also specialize in vehicles that are, well, different.  Our business started by catering to the MR2 and branched out to the Celica All-Trac Turbo.  We are fans of Toyota, but manage to find low volume vehicles wherever we look.  Our personal garage has included a Chevrolet Corvair, Honda Accord EX 5-speed station wagon, Subaru Outback 5-speed station wagon, BMW Z3 Coupe, two Celica All-Trac Turbos (including a 1993 model, one of 62 imported), an MR2 turbo, several first generation MR2s and a 1962 Corvette.  If you're looking for a vehicle that is somewhat unusual, don't hesitate to ask if we can find it for you.  We welcome the challenge of a good hunt and appreciate the effort that it takes to find a low production vehicle.

Finally, you may expect to find a fancy facility when you see some of the vehicles we carry.  We could spend a lot of money fixing up the building that came with the property (and we intend to over time), but right now we'd rather put that capital into quality automobiles for you to drive home.  Don't let external appearances fool you, they have no bearing on the vehicles we carry nor our customer service standard.


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